Painting the Orchids

A. Christine Myers is a writer, artist and maker.  Her work reflects a life close to the natural world.


Due to a tragic and abusive family situation, she was mostly self-taught from eighth grade, earning her GED at sixteen.  Isolation was a constant for many years, and through those years she intensely pursued proficiency in interests which she could access alone.  These interests have included books, writing, history, music, ceramic and textile arts, painting, photography, garden design and gardening.  She is also devoted to her animals, including a small herd of horses of the endangered Galiceno breed.


She is the author and photographer for SmallSunnyGarden.com, a blog account of garden creation, first in the Arizona desert and now in rural Missouri.  She is a top writer in poetry on Medium.com, with work published in The Startup, The Ascent, Weeds and Wildflowers, and Sonnetry, among others.


At the end of 2018 she was finally able to claim her own life and begin actively pursuing both long-term healing and her own future.  These elements are also frequently portrayed in her more recent work.


Currently she is working on a full book of poetry: A Hillside Diary, which is a poetic calendar of daily scenes and occurrences in her new home in Missouri.  Full of sun and moon, wind and weather, and the little creatures that share the fields around her, it is a tribute to peace and beauty and survival.